Ford Focus ST 2 (2006 MK2)

Ford Focus ST 2 (2006  MK2)

This car was supposed to be a 2005 Honda Civic Type R Premier edition, but that deal went arseways, so off I went (in a huff) to Charles Hurst in Belfast to look at what used cars they had in stock.


They had a rare coloured Sea Grey ST Focus in stock nessled up beside a beautiful Prodrive Mazda RX8 in black Cherry Mica the same as this one pictured. Both the same price, both the same milage but, I immediately discounted this as I thought the fuel mileage would be much too bad, little did I know.

I made the deal on the Focus, and drove the car home into what became the worst snow we had had in about 40 years!


There it sat for about 3 weeks, in the end up, I didnt gell with this car at all and only kept it for 6 months. Mainly because of horrendous fuel economy, about 18mpg all the time. As a result I never took many pictures of it.



It got a small list of mods, including a home brew induction kit.



It was a nice place to be, but it wasnt so nice on the wallet.


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