SEAT Ibiza SXE (1998 MK2)

SEAT Ibiza SXE (1998 MK2)

My First car, purchased from my sister for the princly sum of £800 in October 2005.

SEAT Ibiza SXE (1998 MK2) 1.4 8V APQ engine 60bhp.

After its first wash at the jetwash after fitting some clear side repeaters, high as a kite suspension wise. This photo was ofcourse taken with a potato.


Soon after that I wished to change up some of the bits as I was working in Halfords at the time.
I picked up some 15″ Vault Alloy wheels for the bargin price of £26 each. Yes, new.


I added some tyres from a set of Celica GT4 alloys that was in the garage at the time.
Some hearty LASSA 205/50/15s, altogether too big for the car, but I never had an issue!


I added the Northern Ireland standard of Metro plates, and took it for some “fancy” pictures with my gifted Sony Cybershot 1.3MP.


Next came some sounds with the front door speakers being upgraded for Alpine Co-Axial speakers and the existing Clarion headunit being swapped for a nice Kenwood unit.


I went to some meets with friends


Then I lowered it with another Halfords bargin £60 SPAX 30mm springs



This car was a blast and I had alot of fun in it. Unfortunately mechanical sympathy was not my strong point, blowing up the gearbox twice, and then blowing the head gasket.

So a year and a bit after buying it, I sold it!


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