Residential Garage Build Part 2

Residential Garage Build Part 2

Saturday October 24th came and went, as did the following weekend. This was due to circumstances outside of the suppliers control, so come the 7th of November seen my garage roll up on the back of a flatbed along with a 50′ craine.

As the craine setup, to block the whole street we got well under way! Thankfully there are 2 ways in and out of our street so no one was trapped in!

With the garage lifted up and crained into place, it seemed a tight squeeze inbetween the two houses with the craine at full extension it was set nicely into place.

You can watch the entire install here!

With the garage set into place, the supplier connected the guttering and added the ridge tiles to the roof.

It looks right at home driving up to it in the car! I decided to keep the gates there to keep the dog in!

Interior walls are finished with mega deco board which are wipe clean, so handy if you get them a little grubby when working on the car!
Three sockets installed along the back wall for a work bench and a couple of ancillary ones on the left wall for some white appliances.

A couple of LED batons on the celing takes care of illumination rather well.

Out back will be my office space, with enough plugs and network points to run a small data centre… Sure, if you’re going to do it, do it right.

14 drops of CAT6A, to the cabinet two to the front for a couple of POE Cameras and the rest terminated within in the office. I could have went CAT7A, but felt there was no need at this time.

Next up was to let the floors dry out a bit and then get the floor cleaned up to remove the alge that had gathered on the floor since it was laid.

The following week the spark came and terminated the electric, I was a little dissapointed by this as I thought it would be contained within the wall but heyho.

The floors cleaned up with some thick bleach added on non-diluted and spread around with a wet soft brissled brush, quite pleased how they came up.

Next up was terminating the network cables to test everything was working. Success. All 14 drops working perfectly.

After this was taken, I finished the rest and tidyed up the cables with some cable ties to secure them and popped the patch panel back out of the cabinet.

All I need to do now is take the cabinet off the wall and spruce it up with a bit of paint, reinstall and then terminate the final three connections which link up to the main router in the house.

Today I purchased some trunking to house the power and network cables from the floor, and some underlay and flooring for the office.

So thats for the next update and if you have been, thanks for reading!



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