Powershell – System Data Gathering Script

I’ve been meaning to get something like this together for a while, so it will be an always evolving script.

Currently it outputs to a single line in a CSV per machine, but I hope to change this to give the option of outputting to a HTML page/report.

Already I have included a Wishlist of futures options I’d like to include.

### Wishlist
### 20.05.2020 - NOK

Patch Level/hotfixs installed
Central CSV for collating info?
Backup of Registry? May not be required for this level.


Push-Location (Split-Path -path $MyInvocation.MyCommand.Definition -Parent)

# Cutting out manual input of file names for local running.
  [Parameter(Mandatory=$true, position=0)][string]$infile,
  [Parameter(Mandatory=$true, position=1)][string]$outfile

$infile = "servers.csv"
$outfile = "$($env:computername)_Output.csv"
$ServicesFile = "$($env:computername)_Services.csv"
$AddRemoveProgramsFile = "$($env:computername)_AddRemovePrograms.csv"
$SchedTaskFile = "$($env:computername)_SchedTask.csv"

#Column header in input CSV file that contains the host name 
$ColumnHeader = "ComputerName"
$HostList = import-csv $infile | select-object $ColumnHeader
$out = @()

foreach($object in $HostList) {
    $os =  Get-CIMInstance -computername $object.("ComputerName") -class win32_operatingsystem
    $vol = Get-CIMInstance -computername $object.("ComputerName") -class Win32_Volume
    $siz = Get-CIMInstance -computername $object.("computername") -class Win32_LogicalDisk | where-object {$_.DriveType -eq "3"} 
    $net = Get-CIMInstance -computername $object.("ComputerName") -class Win32_NetworkAdapterConfiguration | where-object { $_.IPAddress -ne $null }
    $cmp = Get-CIMInstance -computername $object.("ComputerName") -class Win32_ComputerSystem
    $stg = Get-CIMInstance -ComputerName $object.("Computername") -class Win32_SystemEnclosure
    $far = Get-WindowsFeature -ComputerName $object.("ComputerName") | Where-Object Installed
    $freespace = $siz.FreeSpace | %{[math]::round($_/1GB)}
    $capacity = $siz.size | %{[math]::round($_/1GB)}
    $MShypervisor = If(Test-Path "HKLM:\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Virtual Machine\Guest\Parameters"){(get-item "HKLM:\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Virtual Machine\Guest\Parameters").GetValue("HostName")}else{""}
    Write-Verbose " Variables Fulfilled"
     # Create Additional Files to suppliment Output.csv
    Write-Verbose "Getting Services..."
    Get-CimInstance -ComputerName $object.("Computername") -class win32_service | Sort-Object | Select-Object Caption,Startmode,Started,StartName | Export-Csv $ServicesFile -NoTypeInformation
    Write-Verbose "Getting Installed Applications..."
    Get-CimInstance -ComputerName $object.("Computername") -class win32_Product | Sort-Object | Select-Object Name,Version,Installdate | Export-Csv $AddRemoveProgramsFile -NoTypeInformation
    Write-Verbose "Getting Scheduled tasks..."
    Get-ScheduledTask | Get-ScheduledTaskInfo | Sort-Object |Select-Object TaskName,Description,Author,State,LastRunTime,LastTaskResult,NextRunTime,TaskPath | Export-Csv $SchedTaskFile -NoTypeInformation
    Write-Verbose "Extra Files Populated"
    $DeviceInfo= @{}
    $DeviceInfo.add("Operating System", $os.name.split("|")[0])
    $DeviceInfo.add("Version", $os.Version)
    $DeviceInfo.add("Architecture", $os.OSArchitecture)
    $deviceInfo.add("ServiceTag/Serial", $stg.SerialNumber)
    $DeviceInfo.add("P or V", $cmp.model)
    $deviceInfo.add("HyperV Host", $MShypervisor)
    $deviceInfo.add("Logical Processors", $cmp.NumberOfLogicalProcessors -join (", "))
    $DeviceInfo.add("Total Memory", "{0:N2}" -f ([math]::round($cmp.TotalPhysicalMemory / 1GB),2) + " GB")
    $DeviceInfo.add("Serial Number", $os.SerialNumber)
    $DeviceInfo.add("Organization", $os.Organization)
    $DeviceInfo.add("Last Boot Time", $os.LastBootUpTime)
    $deviceInfo.add("Disk ID", ($siz.DeviceID -join (", ")))
    $deviceInfo.Add("Disk Size", $capacity -join (", "))
    $deviceInfo.Add("Free Capacity", $freespace -join (", "))
    $DeviceInfo.add("System Name", $cmp.name -join (", "))
    $DeviceInfo.add("File System", $vol.FileSystem -join (", "))
    $DeviceInfo.add("IP Address", ($net.IPAddress -join (", ")))
    $DeviceInfo.add("Default Gateway", ($net.DefaultIPGateway -join (", "))) 
    $DeviceInfo.add("DNS Server", ($net.DNSServerSearchOrder -join (", ")))
    $DeviceInfo.add("Subnet", ($net.IPSubnet  -join (", ")))
    $DeviceInfo.add("MAC Address", $net.MACAddress )
    $DeviceInfo.add("Roles and Features", $far.name -join (", "))

    $out += New-Object PSObject -Property $DeviceInfo | Select-Object `
              "System Name", "Last Boot Time", "Organization", "Serial Number","Operating System", "ServiceTag/Serial", `
              "Version","Architecture","P or V", "HyperV Host", "Total Memory", "File System", "Disk ID", "Disk Size", `
              "Free Capacity","MAC Address","IP Address","Default Gateway", "DNS Server", "Subnet", "Roles and Features"

    Write-Verbose ($out | Out-String) -Verbose             
    $out | Export-CSV $outfile -NoTypeInformation


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